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                      Walailak University aims at fulfilling her major missions in promoting quality education, advancing internationally ground-breaking research, basic, applied and integrated, for the benefits of regional communities, contributing her knowledge ownership to societies through sustainable academic services, and nourishing national arts and culture to enhance the goal of sustainable cities and communities. At Walailak University, research, as the linchpin of beneficial innovations needed for mankind sustainability, is of the best interest among her academic faculty who actively share their publications in internationally high-quality journals, indexed in Scopus, Nature Index, Institute for Scientific Information (ISI). Active research production in health sciences, science and technology and social sciences is facilitated by the Research and Innovation Institute of Excellence through the following 19 centers of excellence and 5 research centers. Interested students can contact heads of the listed centers to explore possibilities of your research development. Besides you can also contact any of Walailak University faculty members for your research proposal listed under the prospectus heading ‘International Program Admission.’

No.Names of COE/RCHeads of CEO/RCContact EmailsSchool of
(9)Health Sciences   
1Center of Excellence for Community Health PromotionAsst.Prof.Dr. Rachadaporn Jantasuwan[email protected] [email protected]School of Nursing
2Center of Excellence for Dengue and Community Public HealthAssoc. Prof. Dr. Charuai Suwanbamrung[email protected]School of Public Health
3Center of Excellence for Drug and CosmeticAssoc.Prof.Dr. Somchai Sawatdee[email protected]School of Pharmacy
4Center of Excellence for Innovation and Health ProductsAsst.Prof.Dr. Rachasak Boonhok[email protected]School of Allied Health Sciences
5Center of Excellence for Melioidosis and MicroorganismsAssoc.Prof.Dr. Wiyada Kwanhian Klangbud[email protected]School of Allied Health Sciences
6Research Center for Hematology and Transfusion ScienceAsst. Prof. Dr. Manit Nuinoon[email protected]School of Allied Health Sciences
7Research Center for Movement Science and ExerciseAsst.Prof.Dr. Yuwadee Wittayapun[email protected]School of Allied Health Sciences
8Research Center for One HealthAsst.Prof.Dr. Thanis Damrongwatanapokin[email protected]Akkhraratchakumari Veterinary College
9Research Center for Tropical PathobiologyAssoc. Prof. Dr. Prapaporn Chaniad[email protected]School of Medicine
(5)Social Sciences   
10Center of Excellence for Logistics and Business AnalyticsAsst.Prof.Dr. Somjai Nupueng[email protected]School of Accountancy and Finance
11Center of Excellence for Sustainable Disaster ManagementAsst.Prof.Dr. Chuthamat Rattikansukha[email protected]School of Languages and General Education
12Center of Excellence for Tourism Business Management and Creative EconomyAsst.Prof.Dr. Pimlapas Pongsakornrungsilp[email protected]School of Management
13Center of Excellence for Women and Social SecurityAsst.Prof.Dr. Vithaya Arporn[email protected]School of Languages and General Education
14Research Center for Geosocial and Cultural Research for Sustainable DevelopmentAsst.Prof.Dr. Siriporn Somboonboorana[email protected]School of Political Science and Public Administration
(10)Science and Technology   
15Center of Excellence for Aquaculture Technology and InnovationAssoc.Prof.Dr. Suwit Wuthisuthimethavee[email protected]School of Agricultural Technology and Food Industry
16Center of Excellence for Biomass and Oil PalmAsst.Prof.Dr. Wichitpan Rongwong[email protected]School of Engineering and Technology
17Center of Excellence for Data Science for Health ScienceAssoc.Prof.Dr. Sanae Rujivan[email protected]School of Science
18Center of Excellence for EcoinformaticsAssoc.Prof.Dr. Krisanadej Jaroensutasinee[email protected]
[email protected]
School of Science
19Center of Excellence for Food Technology and InnovationAssoc.Prof.Dr. Manat Chaijan[email protected]School of Agricultural Technology and Food Industry
20Centre of Excellence for Functional Materials and NanotechnologyAssoc.Prof.Dr. Mudtorlep Nisoa[email protected]School of Science
21Center of Excellence for Informatics InnovationDr. Yuttana Jaroenruen[email protected]School of Informatics
22Center of Excellence for Innovation of Essential OilAssoc.Prof.Dr. Narumol Matan[email protected]School of Agricultural Technology and Food Industry
23Center of Excellence for Marijuana, Hemp and KratomAssoc.Prof.Dr. Potjamarn Suraninpong[email protected]School of Agricultural Technology and Food Industry
24Center of Excellence for Wood and BiomaterialsAssoc.Prof.Dr. Nirundorn Matan[email protected]School of Engineering and Technology