13 Students from Program in ASEAN Studies Under The School of Liberal Arts, Walailak University To Participate in Study Abroad at Hanoi University, Vietnam

On 10, December 2018 Students from School of Liberal Art Program in ASEAN Study to participate in Study Abroad at Hanoi University in Vietnam. Students are also allowed to exclude the knowledge exam as a sub 4 classroom. Including international students (China, Laos, and Japan) is a good opportunity for students. During 6 months of the program, the students have joined The University Festival (Tết), Subculture of Vietnamese. The main activities include the display of national culture to students and making Nem rán which is regarded as a popular dish of the Vietnamese people. Students also have the opportunity to sightseeing around the city at Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and Shenzhen Quoc Temple.

However, the students also get the opportunities are sharpened their language skills, learn a new culture, experience a new style of education and the rare chance to see the world.


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