Political Science and Public Administration: A strong and experienced teaching staff of subject matter experts Law: A lecturer team strongly committed to provide students with a quality education to ensure that they meet the requirements to practice as a lawyer.

School of Political Science and Public Administration

School Introduction

           School of Political Science and Laws contributes the quality of our students by:

  • Providing them with in-depth knowledge in their chosen field of study
  • Ensuring that they are provided with skills to be competent and professional in their future vocation
  • Ensuring that the graduated students have sufficient knowledge to meet the needs of the market
           The School of Political Science and Laws recognizes that it must serve the local community and country as a whole. Therefore, we promote research to solve the community issues whilst, at the same time, help our people to understand the complicated global trends that affect the world community and how they might affect the local community as well.

Undergraduate program

  • Bachelor of Political Science
  • Bachelor of Public Administration
  • Bachelor of Laws
School of Political Science and Public Administration


Human Resource, Public Policy, and Project Evaluation