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Akkhararatchakumari Veterinary College

School Introduction

    Akkhraratchakumari Veterinary College was established since 2018. The college named after Her Royal Highness Princess Chulabhorn KromPhra Srisavangavadhana. Akkhraratchakumari Veterinary College is the one and only university in Thailand that offers an international program in Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (D.V.M.). The international program has founded in respond to the stakeholders’ need. According to the stakeholders in the veterinary fields, one of expectations from all stakeholders for veterinary graduates is to be excel in English communication. Especially, in the 21st century where the world has no border, veterinarians with English communication skill would have better opportunities to pursue career aboard and be successful globally


Undergraduate program

  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (International Program)
Akkhararatchakumari Veterinary College

Unique and outstanding features of Akkhararatchakumari Veterinary College (AVC)

  • Akkhararatchakumari Veterinary College was named by Princess Chulabhorn Walailak, the founder of Walailak University. It is both an honor and a duty for every member of the college to fulfill the mandate of this prestigious title.
  • Akkhararatchakumari Veterinary College is the only veterinary school in Thailand which offers an international DVM curriculum. All the subjects are taught in the English language.
  • Akkhararatchakumari Veterinary College is a proud member of UKPSF or United Kingdom Professional Standards Framework, a world-class higher education standards program.  The UKPSF system emphasizes active learning and formative assessment to facilitate various learning styles and improve learning outcomes. The system uses an objective-based criteria and emphasizes critical thinking and real-world application over memorization, providing students greater proficiency in applied knowledge and practical skills.
  • Akkhararatchakumari Veterinary College has many policies and activities to enhance the international experience for students, including giving partial scholarships for students to study abroad on an annual basis and inviting foreign permanent and visiting professors to lecture and teach courses.
  • The majority of the staff of the veterinary college are actively conducting globally significant research and publishing in international journals at an increasing rate. The college is committed to improving this research output into the future and facilitating both faculty and students’ research goals.  The college offers facilities and mentors for students to conduct research of interest at a professional level.
  • Akkhararatchakumari Veterinary College has currently been accredited by the Thai Veterinary Council. The college is also pursuing accreditation by international organizations, namely the Australian Veterinary Boards Council (AVBC).  If the college is accredited by the AVBC, graduates will be eligible to take the examination for a working license in designated countries such as Australia and New Zealand among others.
  • Akkhararatchakumari Veterinary College uses a three-term system, rather than semesters, allowing students more time for professional training and faster acquisition of major course credits compared to a semester system. The time gained will be used in professional training and selective courses based on students’ career goals. The goal is to produce more capable and experienced graduates with competitive knowledge and skills in their respective fields of veterinary medicine.

Facilities and Resources

  • Akkhararatchakumari Veterinary College utilizes smart classrooms which offer a better learning atmosphere and a variety of resources including tele-communication systems for remote teaching by international lecturers, class recording for students to revisit lectures by themselves at any time, and group collaboration through sharing apps and online discussion.
  • Walailak University campus is a large, open-air campus with trails for biking and running, large ornamental and research gardens, small lakes and ponds, and a sport complex and swimming pool. The sports center houses swimming pools, tennis courts, basketball fields, football fields, futsal fields, volley ball arenas, a table tennis room, spa and sauna rooms, fitness rooms and golf driving lanes.
  • Walailak University is situated close to iconic national parks renowned for their clean air and many tourist attractions such as beach and island towns and resorts.