Walailak University Educational Policy on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)

Walailak University Inclusive Quality Education Policy 2021

In line with its vision, displayed below, Walailak University implements Walailak University Inclusive Quality Education Policy,” (WUIQE) including the following provisions to enhance quality education for all.

Walailak University Vision


To be an institution of good governance, a source of knowledge for critical problems facing the nation, to unfailingly address community needs, and to strive for international recognition for excellence.

WUIQE Provisions

1.            Walailak University provides equal access to affordable and quality tertiary education to all women and men of any ethnicity, religion, physical status.

2.            Committed to quality education based on its philosophy of academic excellence with professional skills, Walailak University ensures that all students are well equipped with both quality academic performance and relevant professional skills through its professional association’s required internship or its compulsory eightmonth cooperative educations at workplaces of studentsinterests during their junior and senior years.

3.            Walailak University will make reasonable adjustments to accommodate all students with disability.

4.            To promote studentssustainable lifestyles, under the core values of gratitude, integrity, philanthropy and leadership, Walailak University supports extracurricular activities through Graduate Passport,which ensures all Walailak graduates will not only be academically and proficiently efficient but also good local and global citizens.

5.            Walailak University commits to upgrading education facilities as well as student/staff residences, including smart classrooms, smart transportation, premium dormitories, professional sport complex, public accessible healthy green spaces, to ensure safe, nonviolent, inclusive and effective environments for all.  


6.            Walailak University promises to invest in student funds and nonprofitable loans, locally and globally, especially among citizens from least developed countries, to promote an inclusive equality in quality tertiary educational opportunities for all.

7.            Through collaboration with worldly recognized higher education organizations, Walailak University invests in development of qualified faculty members to enhance quality and impact of learning and teaching.

8.            In all programs, Walailak University warrants all students, regardless of background, income, ethnicity, religion, language, disability, immigration status or gender, high academic standards for their best preparation to succeed in education and employment.

9.            To ensure quality graduates, Walailak University enforces university wide exit exams, measuring studentscomprehensive knowledge in each program of study, as an essential part for all the programsquality assurance.

10.            To foster inclusive education in local and global communities, Walailak University commits to expand crosssectional coordination between its qualified faculties members and local as well as global organizations to support outreach academic services for the general public regardless of background, income, ethnicity, religion, language, disability, immigration status or gender.


11.            Through general education, Walailak University commits to education of sustainable development across the university.

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