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Walailak University (WU) is establishing management and development plans in order to lay the foundation for the development of the university to become a World Class University. These focus on supporting activities that promote the internationalization of the university and enhancing collaboration between teachers, students and staff.

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3 steps to completing WU-MoU&MoA signatory process.

STEP 1: School/college complete the MoU or MoA procedure form

STEP 2: School/college proposes a completed form (with a signature of MoU coordinator and deans) to CIA-director 

STEP 3: CIA proposes the MoU or MoA procedure form to the president for approval 

A memorandum of understanding (MoU) is a type of formal document between two or more parties. It outlines plans for a common line of action in term of mutual interest such as research collaboration, mobility of staff and student, conducting conferences and seminar and exchange of publications. The scope of MoU quite broad and should be signed by the president of the two universities. The MoU sometime will be allowed to sign by the deans at the faculty level if the university considers that the outline plan is in general and the two faculties agreed to sign at the faculty level. 

For the memorandum of agreement (MoA), the outline plan should be specific in term of details of cooperation, budget or funding, timeline, number of staff or student exchange, period, and other support to be facilitate by the two universities.

Please complete our MOU/MOA procedures form. You may look at the provided guideline

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