Asst. Prof. Dr. Patnarin Supakorn

                     Head of Ranking Team                         E-mail: patnarintra@gmail.com 

Patnarin coordinates the overall rankings submission and is responsible for data analysis leading to strategic recommendations

Ms. Jiraporn Kansuwan

                            Rankings Assistant                             E-mail: jiraporn1803wu@gmail.com

Jiraporn is responsible for data collection, coordination and ranking news stories


Ms. Sukanlaya Thavornpon

                             Ranking Assistant                                E-mail: tsukanla@gmail.com

Sukanlaya assists in data collection, and organizes ranking meetings

Walailak University aims to be a world-class University. As part of our 2020 University strategic plan Professor Dr. Sombat Thamrongthanyawong, president of Walailak University, has set the goal of being internationally ranked by the THE Impact Rankings, QS Asia Rankings and THE World Rankings. This has involved a significant change in research performance and international outlook at the University, and a deeper understanding of the UN sustainability development goals (SDG) to meet the criteria for each ranking. The Center for International Affairs (CIA) has risen to this challenge with submissions prepared for all three rankings this year.

On Thursday, 26th November 2020, the President of Walailak University, officially submitted the THE Impact Rankings for the first time of Walailak University’s history. We trust that our SDGs performance will meet all indicators in the areas of research, stewardship, outreach and teaching and we look forward to the release of the rankings in April 2021.

Later, on the 27th January 2021, the President of Walailak University presided over the submission for QS Asia Rankings 2021 for which the information submitted was formally approved by the QS Ranking agency with the result expected in November 2021.

Finally, the THE World University Rankings data was submitted on Tuesday, 30th March 2021 by the president of Walailak University. This first submission to the THE World University Rankings has helped to galvanize our community and we look forward to international recognition in next year’s rankings.


Assistant Professor Dr. Patnarin Supakorn
Head of Walailak University Rankings Team
Acting Director of the Center for International Affairs

E-mail: patnarintra@gmail.com



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