Driving graduate studies of Walailak University to global standards

College of Graduate Studies

School Introduction

In order to ensure high quality in administration and international standards at the graduate level, College of Graduate Studies was established for supervising, coordinating and assisting all graduate programs in Walailak University. In addition, the College of Graduate Studies has a mission to drive the graduate program in the interdisciplinary studies given an in-depth, cutting-edge curriculum which is designed to provide knowledge and innovation for national and international recognitions.

College of Graduate Studies

Postgraduate Program

  • Master of Management Program (International Program)
  • Master of Science Program in Agro-industry and Biotechnology (International Program)
  • Doctor of Philosophy Program in Health Sciences (International Program)
  • Doctor of Philosophy Program in Agro-industry and Biotechnology (International Program)
  • Doctor of Philosophy Program in Materials Science and Innovation (International Program)
  • Doctor of Philosophy Program in Management (International Program)
College of Graduate Studies


  • Health Sciences:
    Tropical Infectious Diseases, Drug Delivery System, Malaria, Plasmodium Berghei, Medical Parasitology, Cancer, Mental Health, Epidemiology, Development of Antibodies and Immunoassays, Immuno-modulation, Aging Care, Alzheimer’s Disease, Secondary Metabolites from Bacteria, Controlled Drug Delivery Systems
  • Agro-industry and Biotechnology :
    Essential Oils and Food Preservation, Food Safety and Product Development, Shrimp Culture, Food Science and Innovation, Functional Ingredients, Effects of Essential Oil Inhalation on Brain Functions, Development of Gene Expression System
  • Materials Science and Innovation :
    Spin Crossover, Crystal Engineering, Defects in Real Materials Using Density Functional Theory, Flow-based System, Green Chemistry, Electrochemistry Based on Nanomaterials, Magnetic Materials, Sustainable Utilization of Wood, Wood Composite Manufacturing Process, Wood-Polymer Composites, Wood Science and Engineering, Porous Materials and Applications, Bioactive Glass with Hierarchical Pore Structures, Natural Products Chemistry.