Walailak University (WU) is establishing management and development plans in order to lay the foundation for the development of the university to become a World Class University. These focus on supporting activities that promote the internationalization of the university and enhancing collaboration between teachers, students and staff.


At this moment, WU has 73 MOUs in total with oversea universities and institutes from all over the world (list of our MOU can be viewed here). We are very much welcoming and keen on expanding our oversea collaborations.


Please complete our MOU/MOA procedures or Letter of Intent Procedure Form 2019.You may look at the provided guideline.


Once received the documents, International Affairs Office shall forward the issue to executives for approval in accordance with organization structures as shown on page 5 of the MOU form.


Providing that there is no correction, there should not take more than 14 working days for the form to be approved.