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January, 2022

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Walailak University’s Academics Named World’s Top 2% Scientists Recently, Elsevier, SciTech Strategies, Inc. and Stanford University have released the 2021 Stanford University list of the World’s Top 2% Scientists, a total of more than 100,000 in 22 major disciplines and 176 sub-disciplines. The selected names are most-cited scientists recorded in the 1996-2020 Scopus database; includes standardized citation metrics are the number of citations, co-authorship, and H-index. More details: https://www.wu.ac.th/en/news/20642


Walailak University achieved 4.93 out of 5 in the 2020 educational quality assurance, the highest in history On November 22, 2021, the result of Walailak University’s quality assurance assessment had been announced. The assessment is based on the WUQ framework and consistent with the basic international criteria of the AUN-QA (ASEAN University Network-Quality Assurance). Overall, Walailak University received average ratings of 4.93 out of 5 in the academic year 2020, which is extraordinary and the highest result since the university’s inception. More details: https://www.wu.ac.th/en/news/20613
A speech on how to build knowledge in the Epistemology of Knowledge webinar Professor Dr. Sombat Thamrongthanyawong, President of Walailak University, gave a lecture as a guest speaker in an inauguration of the Doctor of Philosophy Program and Master of Public Health in Public Health Research in a webinar “Epistemology of Knowledge” organized by School of Public Health, Walailak University on the topic “Epistemology of knowledge” on 20 January, 2022. The event was joined by over 60 master’s degree and Ph.D. students from the international public health program and lecturers both from the School of Public Health and other schools. More details: https://www.wu.ac.th/en/news/20842
WUIC organized the project, “WUIC 4th Anniversary, Smart and Smile together” On November, 23rd 2021, the Walailak University International College (WUIC) organized, “WUIC 4th Anniversary, Smart and Smile together”, on the occasion of the 4th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Walailak University International College. This activity was organized in response to the Dean’s policy on focusing on student care, developing academic and social potential for students, making sure that students will complete their studies as planned and living their happily study lives. More details: https://www.wu.ac.th/en/news/20597/


ISCIR 2022 International Symposium During January, 14th-15th 2022, The 3rd International Symposium on Construction Innovation Research & PhD Symposium (ISCIR 2022) via the webinar hosted by Walailak University, Thailand and the University of Warwick (UW), UK which is celebrating WU 30th Anniversary in 2022! To celebrate this, the conference included a colloquium and a PhD symposium where Early Career Researchers can showcase their works to an international audience. More details: https://www.iscir2022.com/
Walailak University Research Team led by Assoc. prof. Dr. Nirundorn Matan won two NRCT’s national Invention Awards 2021-2022 Walailak University congratulates National Outstanding Researcher Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nirundorn Matan, School of Engineering and Technology, for his research team’s Decent Performance Award in Engineering and Industry Research in recognition of the following 2 inventions: DryWooD: Wood Drying Automatic Control System StressWooD Meter: Apparatus for Accurate Assessment of Internal Stress within Industrial Lumber. More details: https://www.wu.ac.th/en/news/20918/
Research collaboration with Japan to ensure food security through shrimp breeding Assoc. Prof. Dr. Suwit Wuthisuthimethawee together with his research team has been spearheading effort in shrimp breeding research under collaboration with Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) yielding fruitful years of studies from Phase 1 to presently Phase 2 scheduled to be concluded in 2025. The project focused on development of Black tiger shrimp and plump shrimp breeds resistant to mortality induced by low-saline water, and elevation of the immune system. Throughout years of endeavor commencing with interest in shrimp breeding during his postgraduate years at Kasetsart University and his former position in the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA), Assoc. Prof. Dr. Suwit’s focus on development of shrimp breeding gradually expanded from a national to international level, altogether bolstering collaboration connecting laboratories in Thailand with other prestigious universities and institutes in Thailand and those in Japan. More details: https://www.wu.ac.th/en/news/20889 
Walailak University to be holding the 1st virtual International Walailak Research Convention 2022 (WRC 2022) from March, 28th to 29th, 2022 Institute of Research and Innovation (IRI), Walailak University will be holding the 1st virtual international Walailak Research Convention 2022 (WRC 2022) from 28 to 29 March, 2022 under the theme “The Role of Higher Education in the Post COVID Era and Human Development” More details: https://www.wu.ac.th/en/news/20860
Walailak University joining hands with the Network Partners in Organizing the 2nd Blue Crab Feeder Festival Nakhon Si Thammarat Nakhon Si Thammarat deputy governor, Mr. Trairat Chairat, opened the 2nd Amazing Crab Feeder Nakhon Si Thammarat festival with Asst. Prof.Dr. Amonsak Sawusdee, Director of The Center for Academic Service Walailak University, Mr. Pornsak Sakthani, Provincial Fishery Office, heads of government sectors, representatives of the public, private and community sectors joining the ceremony at the Promotion Hall, 1st Floor, Central Plaza Nakhon Si Thammarat on 22 January 2022. More details: https://www.wu.ac.th/en/news/20862


Walailak University continues to expand academic collaboration with UPNVJ, Indonesia On December, 21st 2021, Walailak University had a virtual MOU signing ceremony with Universitas Pembangunan Nasional “Veteran” Jakarta (UPNVJ), Indonesia. The MOU was strongly initiated by the Center for International Affairs and WU four key schools of nursing, engineering and technology, management and public health since November, 25th 2021. The collaboration aims for the development of academic cooperation, especially in student, academic and administrative staff exchange, joint research on scientific and technological subjects, joint symposiums, lectures and conference, exchange of academic findings, publications, and other academic mutual educational co-operation. More details: https://www.wu.ac.th/en/news/20706/
Collaboration meeting between Walailak University and ITATS, Indonesia On Tuesday, 25th January 2022, Assistant Professor Dr. Patnarin Supakorn, Acting Director of Center for International Affairs, Walailak University honor presented as a chairperson at a virtual collaborative meeting between Walailak University, Thailand and ITATS (Adhi Tama Institute of Technology Surabaya, Indonesia. The meeting focused on academic collaboration between the two universities, especially in research co-funding, joint publications, 2+2 program, student and staff exchange, international conference or symposium, online class teaching, and graduate program scholarship. https://www.wu.ac.th/en/news/20908/
WU International Exploration City of Nakhon Si Thammarat On January 29th, 2022, the Center for International Affairs (CIA) organized WU International Students’ Exploration Program exploring Nakhon Si Thammarat city. This program is for WU international students to learn how to travel to Nakhon Si Thammarat downtown by public transports. The expat students were accompanied by WU student buddies who can practice their English communication skills with their international friends while they were on the move to achieve the exploration mission. More details: https://www.wu.ac.th/en/news/20897/wu-international-exploration-of-nakhon-si-thammarat
Walailak Allied Health Sciences’ International Excellence During her visit to University of Florida, United State of America, from January, 10th-14th 2022, Associate Professor Dr. Jitbanjong Tangpong, Dean of the School of Allied Health Sciences (SAH), Walailak University, was warmly welcome by Professor Dr. Julie Moore, Chair of Immunology and Infectious Disease, College of Veterinary Medical. As part of the collaboration in terms of staff and student mobility, recently SAH has sent 3 senior Medical Technology students in the international program to spend a 1-semester internship (January-May 2022) under the supervision of Professor Dr. Julie Moore and Assistant Professor and Dr. Apichai Tuanyok, an accompanying lecture from SAH. More details: https://www.wu.ac.th/en/news/20919/
2022 GLOBE Asia Pacific Virtual Regional Meeting The GLOBE Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting happened this past week (from January 24th-26th.) From student research presentations to talks by a diverse group of esteemed STEM scholars, this year’s meeting was a major success. Over 9,000 participants attended the Facebook Live sessions of the meeting with representatives from over 19 different countries. We are proud to see the GLOBE community come together like this even when meetings must be virtual for safety. To learn more about the meeting and view recorded sessions visit: http://www.globeasiapacific.org/2022APRM https://www.ipst.ac.th/news/19910/20220125-globe-th.html
Free online seminar on “Emerging Virus Infection & Disease Prevention and Control in the Next Normal Era” Walailak University is organizing an online seminar on Emerging Virus Infection & Disease Prevention and Control in the Next Normal Era on March, 29th-30th, 2022. The seminar will be featured with three main sessions on 1) Dengue Solution in Post COVID-19 Pandemic, 2) Mosquito-Borne Disease: Anti-immune function, Tropism, and anti-viral potential treatment and 3) Disease prevention and control in the next normal. More details: https://www.wu.ac.th/th/news/20914