Professor Dr. Sombat Thamrongthanyawong

President’s Welcome Message

       Welcome all international students to Walailak University (WU), ranked 1500+ among world-class institutes and 11th in Thailand by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings and awarded the best green university by the UI GreenMetric World University Rankings for 3 consecutive years since 2020, in the beautiful upper south of Thailand. As an essential key to one’s brightest future, quality education needs determined learners, professional lecturers, and well-equipped infrastructure. WU’s achieved world university rankings have proved her determination to assure all dimensions of academic excellence.

       WU offers to her valuable students world-class teaching professionals with the United Kingdom Professional Standards Framework certificates (UKPSF) issued by Advanced Higher Education, the best well-equipped smart classrooms in Thailand, a fully-furnished sports pavilion, luxurious dormitories, environmentally friendly shuttle services on campus, exquisite green spaces for recreational refreshment, and an on-campus highly advanced healthcare center. As WU graduates, your academic excellence will be professionally enhanced with your choice of 8-month internship experiences anywhere around the world.

       WU is a golden gateway towards quality education for all who are determined to embrace their brightest future. Your distinguished trust in WU is our most valuable honor to serve as your best education home for your successful future.

Walailak University’s Quality in Brief

Walailak University (WU) with her noble vision to develop herself, for international recognition, as a strong institute of good governance and to serve her region and nation as a world-class source of leading-edge knowledge aims at achieving four of her dignifiedly aligned missions —enhancement of quality education, promotion of cutting edge knowledge, transfer of expertise and conservation of arts and culture.


Principally, WU aims at cultivating highly principled and professionally proficient graduates. In furthering her worthy aim, WU fosters world-class certified lecturers and exquisite learning environment. Over 90% of WU lecturers, obligated to complete world-class pedagogic trainings with AdvanceHE, a UK-based charity working with higher education institutes across the world to improve higher education for staff, have been awarded teaching professional fellowship certificates as evidence of quality teaching practices.  Besides, high-quality instructors, WU also nurses her environment for optimum learning advantages: best green habitat, smart learning facilities, first-class healthcare services and premium 8-month cooperative internship. For 3 consecutive years since 2020, WU has been awarded the best green university in the south of Thailand by UI GreenMetric World University Rankings, earning her 7th rank in Thailand and 111th in the world.  To promote quality education, WU allocates a large amount of her budget to provide students with smart classrooms, free eco-friendly solar-powered transportation, university wide smart security, homey halls of residence, recreation sports complex with a variety of sports choices, and sizable food courts with an assortment of delectable and healthy cuisines. To support students with best healthcare, WU has also established Walailak University Hospital with 16 different advanced clinical units and 540 inpatient units.  To generate professionally proficient graduates, WU, besides classroom-based lectures, also offers to all of her bachelor degree students an 8-month-long cooperative education of students’ choices of premium corporates. WU guarantees best education for all with her finest teaching professionals and comprehensive learning enhancing facilities.


Because leading-edge education is closely tied to promotion of cutting edge knowledge, WU also encourages educationally beneficial research projects among her faculty members. Her research commitment can be evidenced with 6 Standford University’s world top 2% scientists in the following disciplines: food science, general and internal medicine, tropical medicine, medicinal and bio molecular chemistry, dentistry, and mechanical engineering and transports. Currently, WU, categorized by the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation (MHESI) as a global and frontier research university, is collaborating with scores of Thai universities in the national university reinventing project to develop world-class quality human resources to address global market technology and innovation needs.


WU, also valuing her contribution to public and private sectors through her expertise transfer, houses Science and Technology Park, whose missions involve providing intellectual property management services to researchers and private sectors, entrepreneurship development for WU members, Walailak University expertise transfer, incubation of cutting-edge tech entrepreneurs, and provision of science and technology infrastructure services.


Besides, top-notch education, cutting-edge research, technology and innovation contribution to public and private sectors, WU, also treasuring art and cultural merits, established, in 2010, Walailak Abode of Culture, whose primary mission is to preserve and pass on the region’s and the nation’s noble customs and culture.


During the last 5 years, WU’s determined missions to promote world-class teaching, global and frontier research for the benefits of public and private sectors have been globally recognized by her 2023 achieved Times Higher Education (THE) World University Ranking (WUR) at the band of 1501+, securing her 11th place among 18 Thai THE world-class universities. Furthermore, as evidenced by her awarded THE WUR 2023 by subject, WU has also been globally recognized for her world-class performance in the subject of life science at the band of 801-1000, earning the 6th place among her 14 Thai peer institutes. At the national level, MHESI’ assessment of WU’s leadership in quality education, leading-edge research, expertise contribution for the benefits of societies and promotion of art and culture, resulting in the score of 4.96 (out of 5), bears an exemplary testament of her successful missions.


Still there is a mountain to climb up towards higher world university rankings, WU invites brilliant minds like yours to join her team to enliven this land of glory to be your home of finest education, your ground of exciting research exploration, your nurturing field of entrepreneurial growth, and your venue of art and cultural appreciation.