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School of Engineering and Technology

School Introduction

      School of Engineering and Technology (SET) was established since 1998 under the name “School of Engineering and Resources”. It aims to provide high quality manpower in the fields of engineering and technology to support local and regional industries as well as conducting frontier research and innovation. Since its inception, thousands of graduates have immersed in a wide range of industries, governmental sector and entrepreneurial establishments. There are many renowned and successful alumni in both professional and academic careers, and thus the school’s curricula and academic services are gaining recognition in regional, national and international levels.
       The school pays strong emphasis on the best learning environment, balanced knowledge, morality and professional ethics. From its inception, harmony between technology and environment is one of our corner stone in which we want to leave the imprint in our graduates’ worldview and their desire to implement environmental-friendly solutions in their careers.
       In terms of innovation, providing solutions and services, recently the school has become a prime driver for local industries, including palm-oil, wood and rubber industries. Furthermore, its academic staffs are gaining international recognition for their high-quality research and publications. The trends which continue for decades to come.
       SET offer a full coverage of engineering fields, including: Computer Engineering and Intelligent Systems, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Petrochemical and Polymer, and Mechanical Engineering and Robotics (under establishment).
       All curricula are becoming more internationalized, in which opportunities are opened for our students. Currently, they can spend whole year in their final year in foreign countries, including: China, Malaysia, Indonesia etc. These options can be pursued with comparable expenses to studying in Walailak University.


Undergraduate program

  • Bachelor of Engineering Programs
    • Computer Engineering and Intelligent Systems
    • Civil Engineering
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Chemical Engineering
    • Petrochemical and Polymer
    • Mechanical and Robotics Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science Program in Environmental Technology
  • Bachelor of Science Program in Software Engineering

Postgraduate Programs

  • Master of Engineering Program in Engineering (International Program)
  • Doctor of Philosophy Program in Engineering (International Program)
  • Doctor of Philosophy Program in Materials Science and Engineering
School of Engineering and Technology


- 3-D printer (hardware and software development with many national awards)
- Wood and rubber-based smart material
- Smart industrial wood drying system
- Material for energy storage
- Energy management in process industries (process simulation, boilers, combustion)
- Modelling, control and optimization of biogas system
- Intelligent systems, internet of things (IoT), machine learning and data science
- Sensor development for smart factories (automation with data science)
- Structure design for disaster mitigation
- Agro-industrial pollution control
- Energy technology (pyrolysis, gasification, direct combustion, combined combustion)
- Material for structure, adsorption of toxic substances
- Renewable energy focusing on solar energy and its storage technologies