“Excellence to the world, aiming to produce ethical graduates who are academically proficient and expert in law enforcement, solve societal problems, and are prevalent in justice.”

School of Law

School Introduction

    LAW : L A W (School of Laws)
    L : Legality
    A : Action
    W : Walailak

      The School of Law administration approach will be driven by encouraging personnel to develop legal knowledge skills, teaching skills, and produce academic works as part of supporting Walailak University’s goal of becoming a leading research university in the world (Global and Frontier Research). Internationalized teaching and learning with a focus on developing students’ English language skills. Organize teaching and learning in Active Learning in accordance with UKPSF standards in order to provide university graduates with both theoretical and practical knowledge. This will be a valuable resource and a driving force for the nation in the future.


Undergraduate program

  • Bachelor of Laws
School of Law

Program philosophy

Law graduates are those who have the capacity to utilize the law to achieve justice for all levels of society and enable society to be strong and progressive. As a result, learning law entails more than simply reading texts; students must be aware of the law’s principles, objectives, and spirits. Law students should also be able to apply knowledge from other disciplines to their legal studies so that they can understand societies that are varied and complicated. With all of these, students may comprehend laws and be able to apply the law in a comprehensive way to collect strong evidence in each instance.