School of Science produces competent graduates, conserves environment and builds excellent community.

School of Science

School Introduction

       School of Science is one of the first eight schools when Walailak University was established. According to Walailak University Act BE 2535, School of Science aims to operate following the vision of the university which is “To be an institution of good governance, a source of knowledge for critical problems facing the nation, to unfailingly address community needs, and to strive for international recognition for excellence.” And also fulfil the four main tasks in producing competent graduates, conducting excellent researches, developing new knowledge, providing superb academic services and preserving local arts and Thai national culture.


Undergraduate program

  • Bachelor of Science
  • Bachelor of Marine Science

Postgraduate Programs

  • Master of Science Program in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (International Program)
  • Doctor of Philosophy Program in Science (International Program)
School of Science


For researching and academic services, the School of Science focuses on research to generate new knowledge in science and technology which leads to academic excellence and to apply this knowledge in schooling and transferring into the community and commercial business. In addition, School of Science also promotes learning, develops and transfers knowledge in science and technology to a community, society and economic. Our school members receive subsidies for researching both nationally and internationally. School of Science continues producing high quality research publications in both national and international journals.