We inspire the “Next Generation of Global Leaders.”

Walailak University International College

School Introduction

    Walailak University International College (WUIC) is a college in Walailak University that offers international bachelor’s degree programs for undergraduates with the opportunities to earn dual degrees, do internships and exchanges aboard. WUIC constantly innovates to meet the needs of students and societies in the world that is changing faster than ever before. Our goal is to inspire the next generation of global leaders. More than just a place to study, WUIC is the dynamic and multicultural community that educates, inspires, and connects some of the most forward-thinking talents from around the world. Guided by innovation, equity, inclusion, and the global perspectives, we are committed to academic excellence, students’ success, and community engagement.

      Our academic curricula are always benchmarked with world-class higher education standards. The traditional instruction is enhanced with information technology in smart classrooms. Every year, we grow in registration and reputation.

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Undergraduate program

  • Bachelor of Engineering Program in Digital Innovation Engineering
           Dual Bachelor’s-Master’s Degree Program with University of Essex, UK
  • Bachelor of Business Administration Program in Logistics Analytics and Supply Chain Management
           Dual Bachelor’s Degree program with Middlesex University, UK
  • Bachelor of Business Administration Program in International Hospitality and Health Tourism Management
           Dual Bachelor’s Degree program with Coventry University London, UK
  • Bachelor of Business Administration Program in Accounting
  • Bachelor of Laws
Walailak University International College


WUIC research interests and specializations include but are not limited to: digital innovation engineering, logistics analytics and supply chain management, international hospitality and health tourism management, accounting and law.