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April, 2022

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Walailak University moves up the board in 2 goals as announced by the 2022 Times Higher Education Impact Rankings against the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Walailak University (WU) has significantly moved up to the range 101-200 in 2021 globally in SGD 2: Zero hunger and SDG14: Life below water, according to the 2022 Times Higher Education Impact Rankings. Times Higher Education (THE) assessed the university against the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The university is now featuring as the 6th and the 5th, among all the 51 Thai universities in these two areas, indicating WU’s continued role in ensuring food security, sustainable agriculture and use and conservation of marine resources. More details: https://www.wu.ac.th/en/news/21247


Congratulations to the first batch of international students graduating in academic year 2021

Prof. Dr.  Sombat Thamrongthanyawong, Acting President of Walailak university accompanied by an executive team including Assoc. Prof. Dr. Charun Bunyakan, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Surin Maisrikrod and the executives together with the faculty from Walailak University International College (WUIC), Director of Center for International Affairs joined a ceremonious meeting to congratulate the university’s first batch of international students graduating this academic year. The event took place in the Hall of Honor, Administration Building, Walailak University Hospital. 

The acting president congratulated and gave a remark to the international graduates. The message is predicated on the progress Walailak University has made to ensure that the needs of international students will be met and that they can graduate as a quality graduate. Presently, our goal is to enter World Rankings to gain national and international recognition. In the future, the university plans on welcoming more international students. More details: https://www.wu.ac.th/en/news/21270/


Walailak University winning eight awards in the Cooperative and Work Integrated Education Contest (CWIE) 2022, soon to represent the South in the National Level Finale

Walailak University has won eight Awards of Excellence Cooperative Education Student Contest and applied study of 2022 and will soon proceed as a representative of Thailand’s upper south to the national level grand finale.  

Dr. Attanan Tachopisalwong, Director of The Center for Cooperative Education and Career Development, Walailak University (WU) revealed that the center has recently organized the Cooperative and Work-Integrated Education (CWIE) 2022 contest, the regional round joined by over 14 upper south institutes. Winners of this round will further represent the south in the national level contest arranged by the Office of the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation. More details: https://www.wu.ac.th/en/news/21239/

Online “Communicative Thai for Foreigners”

Learning Thai Class on “Communicative Thai for Foreigners” is organized by the Center for International Affairs (CIA), on 18-22 April 2022 (5 days). Ms. Pavirasa Praditsorn, a lecturer from School of Language and General Education, is this class’s lecturer. The virtual class had 5 days 46 registered from 17 countries, namely Bangladesh, Cambodia, Iran, China, Indonesia, Kenya, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Tanzania, USA, Zimbabwe, Vietnam and Thailand attending this virtual Lecture. More details: https://cia.wu.ac.th/online-communicative-thai-for-foreigners-18-22-april-2022/


Walailak Researcher recognized as an outstanding reviewer of the Year 2021 by the Royal Society of Chemistry

Assoc. Prof. Dr. David Harding, specializing in inorganic chemistry, has been recognized as one of the 10 Outstanding Reviewers of the Year in 2021 by Dalton Transactions, an award he also received in 2019. Dalton Transactions is one of the world’s leading inorganic chemistry journals whose scope spans organometallic, bioinorganic, and materials chemistry to advance synthesis, catalysis, energy conversion and storage, electrical devices, and medicine.

Dalton Transactions is published by the Royal Society of Chemistry, the world’s oldest chemical society recently marking a milestone of over 175 year-long histories. With over 54,000 members worldwide, Assoc. Prof. Dr. David Harding, a Fellow of the society is the only chemist in Thailand to be given such an award. To be honored, the Dalton Transactions editorial team evaluates peer reviewers based on the number, timeliness, and quality of the reports completed over the last year. More details: https://www.wu.ac.th/en/news/21223/

Integrating the Study of Photosynthetic Bacteria for Biogas Production and Transitioning from Classrooms to Industrial Plants

Cooking oil is our everyday’s need and we know that the liquid is squeezed and pressed out of tons and tons of oil palm fruits to meet consumers’ demand. 
But where do those empty fruit bunch fibers go after all the oil has been exhausted? Instead of being left wasted, they further contributed to the source of industrial scrap-based clean energy and linked classrooms and the local community’s industrial plants together. 

Prof.Dr. Wanna Choorit, Vice President for Research and Social Services, Walailak University, shared with us in this article her research on the use of the bacteria in palm oil mill effluent and empty fruit bunch fibers and highlighted her indispensable integrated role as a researcher and a teacher. Prof. Dr. Wanna combines her pedagogical practice with research, field-experience to contribute to society economically and environmentally. https://www.wu.ac.th/en/news/21232/

Congratulations to:

Asst. Prof. Dr. Amornsak Sawasdee for winning 3 awards given by National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT) from ‘Crab Bank’ project as follows:

  1. Winner on Community Crab Bank Learning Center
  2. Winner on Continuous Process of Community Crab Bank
  3. First runner-up on New Established Crab Bank

More details: https://cas.wu.ac.th/

Congratulations to three WU researchers, who have been awarded the following petty patents: 

  1. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Wiyada Kwanhian Klangbud and Dr. Wilawan Palachum, School of Allied Health Sciences for their awarded petty patent in recognition of their invented ‘Production Process of Nipa Palm Vinegar Powder More details: https://sciencepark.wu.ac.th/archives/46951
  2. Asst. Prof. Prachya Kritsanaphan, School of Architecture and Design for his awarded petty patent in recognition of his invented Bamboo Chair More details: https://sciencepark.wu.ac.th/archives/46347

Asst. Prof. Dr. Amonsak Sawusdee, Researcher and Lecturer at the School of Science and Director of the Center for Academic Services, Walailak University, has been appointed to Thailand’s National Scientific and Technical Committee to establish partnerships with the Department of Fisheries to enhance and restore fisheries.

In addition, Assist. Prof. Dr.Amonsak Sawusdee has been appointed to the National Scientific and Technical Committee on the assessment of Maximum Sustainable Yield (MSY) and the determination of appropriate reference points in the aquatic animal management, as well as the Executive Committee on sustainable management of blue crab fisheries. More details: https://cas.wu.ac.th/?p=16014&lang=en

Educational Interventions to Improve Health Literacy Among the Agriculturalists in Cha-Uat District and Pak Phanang District, Nakhon Si Thammarat

On April 5–7, 2022, Asst. Prof. Jiraphat Nawarat, Deputy Director of Walailak University Hospital, Dr. Charupa Lektip, Lecturer at the School of Allied Health Sciences, and the working group of the Center for Academic Service, Walailak University, held outreach projects to provide health education for raising potential and community economy to the agriculturists, community enterprise group members, and representatives of local government units in Wang Ang subdistrict, Cha-Uat district, and Khlong Noi subdistrict, Pak Phanang district, Nakhon Si Thammarat. https://cas.wu.ac.th/?p=16182&lang=en

WU Nursing School for being accredited by Thailand Nursing and Midwifery Council

School of Nursing, Walailak University, has been accredited by Thailand Nursing and Midwifery Council for 5 academic years from 2021 – 2025, which is the maximum period of accreditation.

According to the assessment of Thailand Nursing and Midwifery Council during 7-8 March 2022, Walailak University Nursing School has been accredited as a quality nursing educational institution for 5 academic years, which is the maximum period of accreditation. It is confirmed WU Nursing School is an institution with high potential and readiness in providing nursing and midwifery education. The School aims to create excellence in nursing education to compete among international institutions, create new nurse teaching innovation in mission-based operations, and develop quality of nursing graduates to be a qualified health care takers and ready to serve the community, the nation and the world. More details: https://nurse.wu.ac.th/?p=9255


Walailak University students win 9 national awards from the National Undergraduate Conference on Agricultural Science and Technology: NUCA 

Congratulations to the award-winning students of the School of Agricultural Technology and Food Industry for their successful in presentations of agricultural science research and innovation at the NUCA Conference on April 3rd, 2022, competing among 8 higher educational institutions under the theme “BCG Model for agriculture, food and environment sustainability. More details: https://www.wu.ac.th/th/news/21166

Walailak University and the Open University of Fujian, China Discussing Collaboration in Academics

Prof. Dr. Sombat Thamrongthanyawong, Acting President of Walailak University accompanied by Asst. Prof. Dr. Patnarin Supakorn, Acting Director of Center for International Affairs and an executive team of Walailak University welcomed Mr. Mingguang Zhao, Executive Dean, College of Overseas Chinese, The Open University of Fujian, China and his team to join a meeting aimed for educational collaboration. The meeting took place on 19th April 2022 at Hall of Honor and Chor Pradu meeting room, Administration Building, Walailak Hospital. More details: https://www.wu.ac.th/en/news/21216/

Webinar Series: Let’s Get Research Funding from International Sources

On Monday, 18 April 2022 the Center for International Affairs in collaboration with the Institute of Research and Innovation, Walailak University co-organized a webinar entitled Let’s get research funding from international sources from 11.00-12.00 hrs. via zoom cloud platform. The talk was presented by Dr. Reyes Garcia, Professor in structural engineering, the University of Warwick, United Kingdom. Dr. Reyes has 20+ years of research/consultancy experience in the fields of earthquake engineering, structural concrete & FRP composites for construction. He has been heavily involved in management and coordination of multi-partner EU and Research Council-funded projects in excess of £10M. More details: https://www.wu.ac.th/en/news/21202/

Sharing experiences and mutual learning on “Soilless Culture System for Melon Production” at Walailak University

One of the first two episodes of Walailak University international webinar series 2022 on “Soilless Culture System for Melon Production” is organized by the School of Agricultural Technology and Food Industry (SAF) and supported by the Center for International Affairs (CIA), closed on 23 March 2022. Dr. Thanet Khomphet, a lecturer from SAF, is this class’s lecturer. The virtual class had 17 participants from 5 countries, namely Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Pakistan, and Thailand attending this virtual lecture. More details: https://cia.wu.ac.th/sharing-experiences-and-mutual-learning-on-soilless-culture-system-for-melon-production-at-walailak-university/

SAH Lunch Talk on Office Syndrome 

Working in the office up to 8-9 hours a day by sitting in the same position in front of the computer can cause you office syndrome. Living such a life has caused many people to experience physical aches and pains, commonly known as office syndrome. Office syndrome for workers is more common and can lead to decreased productivity. The main factors that cause office syndrome include sitting in the same posture for more than 2 hours, low water intake, urinary incontinence, working with computers, and wearing tight clothing.

The Center for International Affairs and the School of Allied Health Sciences (SAH) recognizes this problem. Therefore, a Lunch Talk with SAH activity under the topic “Understanding Office Syndrome” was organized. We hope that those with office syndrome problems can come to exchange and learn. Also, get to know the cause of the symptom, find the solution, and prevent office Syndrome together. More details: https://cia.wu.ac.th/sah-lunch-talk-on-office-syndrome/

Center for Geological and Cultural Research for Sustainable Development (GSCR), Walailak University, forging collaboration through social capital

Walailak University, a Global and Frontier research university grouped by the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation, has recently welcomed the conception of the Center for Geological and Cultural Research for Sustainable Development (GSCR). The center aims to promote collaboration to conduct multidisciplinary research in humanities, history, economics, linguistics, second language teaching, Chinese, architecture, IT, and design to build Frontier Knowledge, strength, and local pride as well as passing on cultural heritage and recognizing the value of cultural diversity. More details https://www.wu.ac.th/en/news/21222/.

Czech Republic and Thailand Microbial Natural Products Networking Workshop

On April 20th, 2022, School of Pharmacy, Walailak University (WU) in collaboration with Institute of Microbiology, Czech Academy of Sciences (CAS), organized a one-day workshop on Global Natural Product Social Molecular Networking (GNPS) Platform Usage, Interpretation and Analysis at Chor Praduu Chamber, 4th Floor of the Walailak University Hospital Building. This activity is a part of ‘Czech Republic and Thailand Microbial Natural Products Networking Project’ led by Dr. Amit Jaisi, a lecturer of WU School of Pharmacy. He is currently carrying out a joint collaborative research project (TIC-TAC) with CAS research team from Czech Republic, namely Dr. Zdenek Kamenik, Dr. Stanislav Kadlcik, Dr. Tommaso Stefani, and Ms. Michaela Plecchata. The project TIC-TAC is funded by respective funding agencies of each country for a duration of 36 months. More details: https://www.wu.ac.th/en/news/21226

More related videos:

Dr. Armit Jaisi: https://youtu.be/0uLMReQy104

Dr. Amit Jaisi and Dr. Zdenek Kamenik: https://youtu.be/XDmfVFmQ5Y4

Dr. Tommaso Steffani: https://youtu.be/bgGG8ryifHg

Dr. Zdenek Kamenik: https://youtu.be/kADAWiFBybg

Ms. Michaela Plecchata: https://youtu.be/I7gXscCCaO4

Asst. Prof. Dr. Mark Bedoya Ulla: https://youtu.be/Pt–r3y2VE8

CIA invites you to join an online seminar on Prenatal and Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis on May 16, and May 30, 2022

Center for International Affairs, Walailak University would like to invite you to join an online seminar on Prenatal and Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis on 16 May 2022 and 30 May 2022 16 from 13:30-15:00 hrs. (BKK time). The webinar organized by Changhua Christian Hospital of Taiwan, Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital, and Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital, and Mahidol University, Thailand.

The seminar will focus on PND and preimplantation genetic diagnosis and screening (PGD/PGS); the later applies genetic diagnosis in embryos that enables “genetically normal” embryos to be transferred and avoids the risk of passing on diseases to future generations. More details: https://www.wu.ac.th/en/news/21231/

FuNTech Welcomed International Guests from over 10 Countries to the hybrid Functional Molecular Materials Conference in WRC 2022 at Walailak University

Organized on the 28th and 29th of March as part of the 1st Walailak Research Convention 2022 (WRC 2022), a virtual hybrid symposium workshop on functional molecular materials attracted a number of international scholars and guests virtually joining from all over the world such as Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippine, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, India, Iran, and France. 

The conference includes both two seminar sessions: Frontier Research in Molecular Materials, and Design and Discovery of Functional Molecular Materials, and a workshop on Solving and Refining in OLEX2 – the world’s most popular crystallographic package for small-molecule crystallography. Giving keynote speeches were Prof. Jack Clegg from the University of Queensland, Australia, Prof. Shane Telfer from Massey University, New Zealand, Dr. David Turner from Monash University, Australia, and Dr. Pinit Kidkhunthod from Synchrotron Light Research Institute, Thailand. More details: https://www.wu.ac.th/en/news/21172/

Emerging Virus Infection & Disease Prevention and Control in the Next Normal in WRC 2022

Excellent Center for Dengue and Community Public Health, Walailak University organized a virtual conference on Emerging Virus Infection & Disease Prevention and Control in the next normal as part of the 1st virtual Walailak International Research Convention 2022 (WRC 2022) to promote academic work and research, produce quality graduates and to enable technology transfer. 

The meeting was divided into three sessions in which 9 speakers were invited to give a talk. The first session focusing on dengue solutions in the post-covid 19 pandemic was presided over by Prof. Dr. Siripen Kalayanarooj from Queen Sirikit National Institute of Child Health, Thailand who specialized in dengue fever. The second session featuring mosquito-borne disease and autoimmune system was led by Prof. Dr. Padet Siriyasatien, M.D. whose expertise is in dengue fever, Chikungunya Virus and vector-borne disease. More details:  https://www.wu.ac.th/en/news/21187/

Two WU students participating in the 31st SEA Game competition in Vietnam


to Miss Jarinya Suebjakthin (right) (Female Cross Country Olympic) and Miss Kamonrada Kaowplod (left) (Criterium/Mass Start), 1st year students in Bachelor of Science Program in Sports Science and Exercise, Walailak University. They have been selected from the ThaiCycling Association to attend the 31st SEA Games to be held from 12 to 23 May 2022 in Hanoi, Vietnam. More details: https://smd.wu.ac.th/?p=63308