Sharing experiences and mutual learning on “Soilless Culture System for Melon Production” at Walailak University

CIA International Webinar 2022

One of the first two episodes of Walailak University international webinar series 2022 on “Soilless Culture System for Melon Production” is organized by the School of Agricultural Technology and Food Industry (SAF) and supported by the Center for International Affairs (CIA), closed on 23 March 2022. Dr. Thanet Khomphet, a lecturer from SAF, is this class’s lecturer. The virtual class had 17 participants from 5 countries, namely Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Pakistan, and Thailand attending this virtual lecture.

In this event, Asst. Prof. Dr. Patnarin Supakorn, Acting Director of the Center for International Affairs, delivered an opening speech and raised one of the United Nation’s significant global events. She mentioned that the UN organized an important international conference on “Transforming food systems for food security, improved nutrition, and affordable healthy diet for all” to raise awareness and call for international collaboration. And to achieve sustainable development goals, we must work together. Also, she had mentioned that this lecture allowed Walailak staff and students to meet with international friends from our partner universities. One of the CIA’s significant events brings the global environment and collaboration to Walailak University.

Dr. Thanet Khomphet, the lecturer of this workshop, said that this lecture aims to enhance knowledge and support sustainable agriculture by transferring good agricultural practices in Thailand. The class highlighted the general information on melons, the varieties, soilless system and greenhouse preparation, nutrient management, disease and pest control, and post-harvest technology for melon fruit. The knowledge provided in this class is easy to understand, and participants can adopt the theory and practice it in their home country.

The event has offered the showcased and greenhouse example shown during the class are benefits to all participants and allowed participants to share and discuss issues related to crop production in each country.

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