KOREAN Hanbok Event @ Walailak University

Korean festival

The Center for International Affairs, in collaboration with the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), organized the Korean Hanbok Event at Walailak University from 18-22 December 2023. Hanbok is a Korean word that refers to traditional Korean clothing. The hanbok is thought to have been designed during the Goguryeo Kingdom (37 BCE-668 CE) and was worn in different ways and materials by all. Although there have been changes throughout its history, the hanbok is still worn today in Korea for celebrations, weddings, birthdays, and milestones, and represents the aesthetic of the Korean people. (thekoreaninme.com)

In this event, our students and staff have a chance to wear hanbok and learn Korean folk play, as demonstrated by Mr. Kim Jihyung, a fellow from KOICA who has been teaching Korean to our students. All participants enjoyed wearing hanbok and playing Korean folk play. 

The Center for International Affairs sincerely thanks KOICA for giving us a chance to try Korean hanbok and learn about Korean folk play.

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