Youth Innovation Competition on
Lancang-Mekong Region’s Governance and Development


Youth Innovation Competition on Lancang-Mekong Region’s Governance and Development (YICMG) is designed for the universities and students in this sub-region. In the past five competitions, it has attracted hundreds of guests, experts, and students from over ten universities in the region. Over 140 projects on policy, public benefit, and micro-enterprises have been submitted.

I. Competition Requirement

  1. The project shall relate to the competition theme and be based on each country’s status quo, including an introduction within 500 words, theme elaboration, problem analysis, program design, and prospects. At the same time, comments and suggestions from the university shall be attached.
  2. The work requires teamwork and collective involvement. And there shall be one or two mentors’ recommendations to guarantee that the work is done by the students independently. Any kind of work that has got awards in similar competitions in China shall not be applied for this competition.
  3. The signed application form indicates that the author agrees the Organizing Committee retains the right of further publicity, dissemination, and publication

II. Application Process
Any student teams interested in the competition is welcome to send their proposal to the official email address:
Please use the official proposal as an attachment.

III. Competition Process

  1. The theme and information shall be issued in December 26th, 2021.
  2. Build the team building and prepare an application.
  3. Hand in the project before April 10th, 2022.
  4. Work will be assessed by the Expert Committee.
  5. Final name list will be issued about April 30th, 2022.
  6. Final competition will be held in early July 2022.

1. YICMG2022- Competition Information

2. Theme Explanation of YICMG2022

3. YICMG 2022 Application Form

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