IMT-GT UNINET Follow up 14th IMT-GT Strategic planning meeting

On 31 March 2021, CIA joined the IMT-GT UNINET virtual meeting together with other 26 member universities for following up the 14th IMT-GT Strategic Planning Meeting. The meeting was about the report of achievement of the projects and activities in 2020 and new proposed projects in 2021. In the past year, IMT-GT UNINET held 6 virtual series of Teen Talks Project in which over 90 students from 3 universities in 3 countries participated. There were approximately 1,200 audiences viewed the virtual events. In 2021, The IMT-GT UNINET is planning to organize Teen Talks Project Plus featured with more collaboration among 6 member universities from 3 countries and aiming at credit transfer programs development. In addition, 12 projects from Indonesia, 4 from Malaysia, and 3 from Thailand are planned to operate in 2021.

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